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One of the interesting things about the How Stuff Works is how this work in your brain. You Looking at the objects around you in a different way when you know how it works, and you will inquire further about it. As you learn how things work, something else would happen as well, and fair if you would ask the question what if.
The things that interfere in our mind is questions like What if I mix it with ituI?, or what happens aka Continues If this model?, or what if divulging the results of technologi not work like what was expected?, in many cases more more you learn, the more questions! You think maybe there is another path, but it is not.

In Blog This I will use a lot of questions that interfere with What if my mind is, then answer it with the method How Stuff Works (How does this equipment work).
The aim is to study the technology and its side effects, and how this is to be applied together. The result is something that is creative, What if we build a domed city, or too damaging, as if the dam Hover How is damaged?, but the results are always interesting.

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