3. How I wish an asteroid hit the earth or celestial bodies?

An asteroid or celestial bodies hit our planet. This event is a materials science fiction.
Many movies and books describing the possibility of an object hitting the Earth (Deep Impact, Armageddon, and others).
Asteroid collision or celestial bodies is also a scientific fact. The hole in the earth (and moon) manunjukkan us about the long history of large objects that ever hit this planet. The most well-known asteroid has ever seen is the asteroid that landed on earth 65 million years ago. It is estimated that these asteroids threw some water vapor and dust into the atmosphere. Then, moisture and dust that covered the sunlight, lowering temperatures worldwide, and caused the extinction of dinosaurs.
So, what if this day an asteroid hit the earth?
Asteroids anything that falls from the sky has incredible strength. Here is an example estimate an asteroid that will run through the earth. In the year 2028. XFII 1997 an asteroid will approach Earth, but only through the course. In the event of a change, and really hit the Earth, the impact is 1 mile wide hit the earth's surface degan speed 30,000 miles per hour. Large asteroids that pass as far and as fast as it has the power (rough estimate) equal to 1 million megaton bomb. In the event, most likely an asteroid like this would wipe out almost all forms of life on this planet. Ah, really terrible events!.
very difficult to imagine a powerful force of 1 million megatons. So, let us try to imagine some small asteroids, for example, an asteroid hit the Earth at home with the speed of 30,000 miles per hour. Total power equal to the power of the atom bomb that fell on Hiroshima. Perhaps the strength of about 20 kilotons. Asteroids of that size could flatten concrete buildings up to half a mile inside of the soil surface and flatten the structure of the wooden building until a depth of 1.5 miles. This asteroid will destroy any cities.
If an asteroid of the twenty-story building (200 feet sideways), it will have a force equivalent to the power of the largest nuclear bomb today. which is about 25-50 megatons. asteroids of this size would flatten the concrete building up to a depth of 5 miles from the surface. in turn, will destroy the main cities the United States.
When you mampelajari longer an asteroid with diameter of 1 mile, then you imagine the power about 1 million megatons. asteroids of this size has a strength 10 times greater than the power that fell on Hiroshima (You can imagine ga buddy?). In fact, its strength could flatten everything to a depth of 100-200 miles above the ground. In other words, if an asteroid with diameter of 1 mile a sudden fall in New York City, the impact forces that occur will flatten the whole city even the smallest detail, from Washington DC to Boston. In addition, also will cause more damage to an area of ​​1,000 miles. The amount of dust and ruins that scattered into the air will cover the sun and cause the creature living on this planet will perish. If the asteroid landed in the ocean. will result in tidal waves as high as several large-scale foot and will eliminate the surrounding coast lines.
In other words, if an asteroid hit the earth, there will be a terrible disaster without questioning how big asteroid. If the 1 mile wide asteroid, it will destroy life on this planet. So, let us pray that this will not happen until whenever.

Hopefully this article as a Knowledge Helpful. It's good to share Sciences.

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