1. What if I fell from an airplane without a parachute?

You know that if you jump from an airplane without a parachute, would be a very terrible experience during your life. however, let's say somehow it happened you fall from a plane without a parachute.
The first step you should do is to think fast, Falling from a height of 12,000 feet (about 2.2 miles or 3.6 km), you only have 60 seconds before jaruh above the ground. in free fall, when the arms and legs outstretched, the fall velocity of approximately 125 miles per hour (200km/hour). at this speed you will travel at about 12,000 feet in 1 minute.
If experienced anything like this, the first action you must do is find a watery area. Falls in watery areas will not feel comfortable with the speed 125mil/hour. however, you will be safe if the water is deep enough place, at least 12 feet (3.6 m) deep or more. Navigate your fall into watery areas, and it will partner to help you, how this will be easy to do if you never learned to dive into the water from the air so that it knows how to drive, and how to dive in it, throw yourself in the foot first.
In the absence of watery area, you should try another way. For example, a soldier experience in World War II, this may be a lesson. The man survived when the plane without a parachute jump from a height of approximately 18,000 feet. He threw himself on the pine tree branches and landing above the snow. So you also should look for trees and make a place to land.
If you fall in urban areas and did not find a swimming pool, the next choice is to find an object that big to land in the hope that it will stop your fall. Landed on the roof of houses, cars (real Van), or trailer trucks could be another alternative. those things are not hard when you hit, and these objects will break up and absorb some energy fell mu. Whether the move would save you or not, will be a difficult question to answer.Therefore, I do not recommend you try jumping off the air without a parachute, is hope and pray it never happens to us all

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