5. What if an astronaut release the bird in space? Get the bird fly?

The most interesting thing about the space shuttle or space station orbiting the earth is the absence of weight. It's interesting the absence of heavy make whoever can fly.Someone easily jump from one wall and can fly straight different sides of a spacecraft without moving anything. if you ever see astronauts inside the spacecraft's play looks fun. 

So, what happens to a bird in the space station? No one ever really wanted to try it.Maybe the bird karean safety issues. However, if you enter a large open space on the space station and release the bird, what to do with the bird? 

Try, we compare it with what is done if the bird is flying in the earth. he will flap its wings quickly when it will fly. In order to survive in the air, he will also beat its wings rapidly and reduce speed when going to dive or go down. Some birds, like eagles, very good at flying in the air. Eagles can survive in air for long periods without flapping their wings. 

In space, a bird will do the same to fly. However, the birds need a fluttering many times when it will fly, and will increase the speed to fly when going to land. When flying in outer space, birds will soon be rolled forward. Birds do not have to remove the force of gravity during flight karean will not be pulled down. 
Advantages of birds compared to astronauts in space is a bird has wings. On the space station, wing and tail of birds 
can still work well. Thus, birds can turn around, slid, and reduce speed when they fly.Astronauts can not do things like this. Once astronauts glide, tend to float straight up to hit the other side of the space station. 
Birds have incredible balance when flying in satsiun space. They used the wings and tail with the right to control the flight though must adjust to balance tradition with the absence of weight they have. 
In connection with these circumstances, new questions arise as follows. Whether a bird is smart enough to adapt that has zero gravity environment? or whether the birds instinctively zero gravity does not have to adjust? Birds are really smart so that the opportunity to adapt will be greater simply by providing training. 

Wait for the next update "What if I go to the planet mars for 1 year, how much food and drinks should I take to survive?"
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