6. What if I go to the planet mars for 1 year?

To answer and review the questions above, the following question, "How many people eat for 2 years?" need to be answered first. travel to the planet mars is estimated fatherly takes 6 months off, and takes 6 months to return to earth. So if you are planning to stay for 1 year on the planet Mars to carry out the research you will need a period of 2 years following trips.
Men who weigh 200 pounds and is doing physical exercise daily food needs as follows: 
  • 2500 grams calories 
  • 83 grams fat 
  • 60 g protein 
  • 25 gr fiber 
  • The various vitamins and minerals 

In contrast, women usually will require less calories than a man. Dapaat We assume that the food may be supplemented with vitamins and minerals (either mixed or in tablet form). So, if there is more concern about differences in men and women. The problem is staying on kaliro, protein, fat, and crude fiber.
If you want to be a minimalist, you can get the calories of white sugar, fats from vegetable oils, protein from protein powder, and fiber from the bran.
Based on the description can be said that everyone in the 2-year journey to Mars need food as follows:

  • 274 kg (602 pounds) of sugar 
  • 60 kg (133 pounds) vegetable oil 
  • 43 kg (96 pounds) of protein 
  • 18 kg (pounds) of fiber 

If the mixture of these materials formed into slabs, you will need the approximately 400 kg or 880 pounds of food for each person in order to survive for 2 years on Mars.
In almost all space missions other necessary needs is water, water is not an issue because water is a byproduct of making electricity in fuel cells. Nutritionists recommend only drinking 8 glasses a day, for example, for someone who is very easy thirsty, so to survive for 2 years on Mars one would require 456 gallons of water (a very beautiful number "456") 

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5. What if an astronaut release the bird in space? Get the bird fly?

The most interesting thing about the space shuttle or space station orbiting the earth is the absence of weight. It's interesting the absence of heavy make whoever can fly.Someone easily jump from one wall and can fly straight different sides of a spacecraft without moving anything. if you ever see astronauts inside the spacecraft's play looks fun. 

So, what happens to a bird in the space station? No one ever really wanted to try it.Maybe the bird karean safety issues. However, if you enter a large open space on the space station and release the bird, what to do with the bird? 

Try, we compare it with what is done if the bird is flying in the earth. he will flap its wings quickly when it will fly. In order to survive in the air, he will also beat its wings rapidly and reduce speed when going to dive or go down. Some birds, like eagles, very good at flying in the air. Eagles can survive in air for long periods without flapping their wings. 

In space, a bird will do the same to fly. However, the birds need a fluttering many times when it will fly, and will increase the speed to fly when going to land. When flying in outer space, birds will soon be rolled forward. Birds do not have to remove the force of gravity during flight karean will not be pulled down. 
Advantages of birds compared to astronauts in space is a bird has wings. On the space station, wing and tail of birds 
can still work well. Thus, birds can turn around, slid, and reduce speed when they fly.Astronauts can not do things like this. Once astronauts glide, tend to float straight up to hit the other side of the space station. 
Birds have incredible balance when flying in satsiun space. They used the wings and tail with the right to control the flight though must adjust to balance tradition with the absence of weight they have. 
In connection with these circumstances, new questions arise as follows. Whether a bird is smart enough to adapt that has zero gravity environment? or whether the birds instinctively zero gravity does not have to adjust? Birds are really smart so that the opportunity to adapt will be greater simply by providing training. 

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Introduction and greeting

One of the interesting things about the How Stuff Works is how this work in your brain. You Looking at the objects around you in a different way when you know how it works, and you will inquire further about it. As you learn how things work, something else would happen as well, and fair if you would ask the question what if.
The things that interfere in our mind is questions like What if I mix it with ituI?, or what happens aka Continues If this model?, or what if divulging the results of technologi not work like what was expected?, in many cases more more you learn, the more questions! You think maybe there is another path, but it is not.

In Blog This I will use a lot of questions that interfere with What if my mind is, then answer it with the method How Stuff Works (How does this equipment work).
The aim is to study the technology and its side effects, and how this is to be applied together. The result is something that is creative, What if we build a domed city, or too damaging, as if the dam Hover How is damaged?, but the results are always interesting.

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3. How I wish an asteroid hit the earth or celestial bodies?

An asteroid or celestial bodies hit our planet. This event is a materials science fiction.
Many movies and books describing the possibility of an object hitting the Earth (Deep Impact, Armageddon, and others).
Asteroid collision or celestial bodies is also a scientific fact. The hole in the earth (and moon) manunjukkan us about the long history of large objects that ever hit this planet. The most well-known asteroid has ever seen is the asteroid that landed on earth 65 million years ago. It is estimated that these asteroids threw some water vapor and dust into the atmosphere. Then, moisture and dust that covered the sunlight, lowering temperatures worldwide, and caused the extinction of dinosaurs.
So, what if this day an asteroid hit the earth?
Asteroids anything that falls from the sky has incredible strength. Here is an example estimate an asteroid that will run through the earth. In the year 2028. XFII 1997 an asteroid will approach Earth, but only through the course. In the event of a change, and really hit the Earth, the impact is 1 mile wide hit the earth's surface degan speed 30,000 miles per hour. Large asteroids that pass as far and as fast as it has the power (rough estimate) equal to 1 million megaton bomb. In the event, most likely an asteroid like this would wipe out almost all forms of life on this planet. Ah, really terrible events!.
very difficult to imagine a powerful force of 1 million megatons. So, let us try to imagine some small asteroids, for example, an asteroid hit the Earth at home with the speed of 30,000 miles per hour. Total power equal to the power of the atom bomb that fell on Hiroshima. Perhaps the strength of about 20 kilotons. Asteroids of that size could flatten concrete buildings up to half a mile inside of the soil surface and flatten the structure of the wooden building until a depth of 1.5 miles. This asteroid will destroy any cities.
If an asteroid of the twenty-story building (200 feet sideways), it will have a force equivalent to the power of the largest nuclear bomb today. which is about 25-50 megatons. asteroids of this size would flatten the concrete building up to a depth of 5 miles from the surface. in turn, will destroy the main cities the United States.
When you mampelajari longer an asteroid with diameter of 1 mile, then you imagine the power about 1 million megatons. asteroids of this size has a strength 10 times greater than the power that fell on Hiroshima (You can imagine ga buddy?). In fact, its strength could flatten everything to a depth of 100-200 miles above the ground. In other words, if an asteroid with diameter of 1 mile a sudden fall in New York City, the impact forces that occur will flatten the whole city even the smallest detail, from Washington DC to Boston. In addition, also will cause more damage to an area of ​​1,000 miles. The amount of dust and ruins that scattered into the air will cover the sun and cause the creature living on this planet will perish. If the asteroid landed in the ocean. will result in tidal waves as high as several large-scale foot and will eliminate the surrounding coast lines.
In other words, if an asteroid hit the earth, there will be a terrible disaster without questioning how big asteroid. If the 1 mile wide asteroid, it will destroy life on this planet. So, let us pray that this will not happen until whenever.

Hopefully this article as a Knowledge Helpful. It's good to share Sciences.

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2. How I wish someone fired a gun while on board the aircraft?

The film that tells a lot about the terrorists or hijackers flew planes. They control the aircraft and fired blindly. Even in the movie Air Force One, People of the president fired a rifle to fight the terrorists, and the terrorists behind the shooting. Could the plane would explode or air pressure down after bullets penetrated the walls of an airplane? 
There are four things that might happen if someone shot the plane. 

  • The bullet hole in the wall plane only. 
  • Bullets on a window and broke the glass window. 
  • The bullet penetrated cables hidden in walls or floor of the plane. 
  • Penetrating bullet aircraft fuel tank. 

If bullets penetrated the walls of the plane will not cause problems. Aircraft cabin pressure and had been given a bullet hole was only caused a small leak and pressure system will replace the lost pressure. One hole or even a few holes would not be affected. 
If the bullet broke the window glass plane, the situation will become serious problems.When the window broke, the plane will lose pressure in a few seconds. because all the air in the cockpit to flow out through the broken window glass, many small items will go out through the broken window glass. If someone sitting near the window was not immediately close it, chances are he will be sucked out. This situation makes no logical reason why the passenger aircraft required to use seat belts. 
At the same time, the loss of cabin pressure caused problems for every passenger who was inside the plane. For example, commercial aircraft flying at an altitude of 30,000 feet, which is flying over a little higher than the peak of Mount Everest. The air at this altitude is very thin so that someone will be fully unconscious. that is why oxygen masks inside the plane will fall from the roof panel plane. If you deal with these situations, get to wear a mask. In the meantime, you should still think clearly. 
If the bullet on the cable (or worse if the bullet on something important like a cockpit instrument panel) can cause problems from an insignificant (cessation of entertainment) to severe. Damage depends on what subject and how important. 
Finally, when the bullets penetrated the tank, at least it will not cause leaks and the potential to explode. Save a lot of commercial jet fuel in the wings, but many aircraft store fuel in the tank in the fuselage. For example, the Boeing 747 store thousands of gallons of fuel in the fuselage. 
From the description above, you can find a rifle fired at while flying in aircraft is very dangerous. 

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1. What if I fell from an airplane without a parachute?

You know that if you jump from an airplane without a parachute, would be a very terrible experience during your life. however, let's say somehow it happened you fall from a plane without a parachute.
The first step you should do is to think fast, Falling from a height of 12,000 feet (about 2.2 miles or 3.6 km), you only have 60 seconds before jaruh above the ground. in free fall, when the arms and legs outstretched, the fall velocity of approximately 125 miles per hour (200km/hour). at this speed you will travel at about 12,000 feet in 1 minute.
If experienced anything like this, the first action you must do is find a watery area. Falls in watery areas will not feel comfortable with the speed 125mil/hour. however, you will be safe if the water is deep enough place, at least 12 feet (3.6 m) deep or more. Navigate your fall into watery areas, and it will partner to help you, how this will be easy to do if you never learned to dive into the water from the air so that it knows how to drive, and how to dive in it, throw yourself in the foot first.
In the absence of watery area, you should try another way. For example, a soldier experience in World War II, this may be a lesson. The man survived when the plane without a parachute jump from a height of approximately 18,000 feet. He threw himself on the pine tree branches and landing above the snow. So you also should look for trees and make a place to land.
If you fall in urban areas and did not find a swimming pool, the next choice is to find an object that big to land in the hope that it will stop your fall. Landed on the roof of houses, cars (real Van), or trailer trucks could be another alternative. those things are not hard when you hit, and these objects will break up and absorb some energy fell mu. Whether the move would save you or not, will be a difficult question to answer.Therefore, I do not recommend you try jumping off the air without a parachute, is hope and pray it never happens to us all

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4. What if an astronaut walking in space without a space outfit?

Clothing that is worn astronaut to walk outside the space of the plane and from the International Space Station (International Space Station) is called the Extravehicular Mobiliry or EMU. Clothing space allows astronauts could walk around safely in space like a walk in the earth. Clothing space provides the following things. 

1. Atmospheric pressure 

 Clothing space provides air pressure to keep track of body fluids astronauts to remain in a liquid state. In other words, to maintain body fluids so as not to boil or heat up. The pressure in this outfit was lower than normal air pressure on Earth (4.3 comparable with 14.7 per square inch) so that the clothes are not bloated and inflexible. 

2. Oxygen 
    Clothing space should provide pure oxygen due to low pressure. At low pressure, normal air 78% nitrogen, 21% Oxygen, and 1% other gases) will be dangerous because the concentration of oxygen in the lungs and low blood. 

3. A constant temperature 
    To cope with very different temperature in the room space, mostly clothing space partitioned by the layers of fabric (Neoprene, Gore-Tex, Dacson) and covered with outer layers that have a reflective power (Mylar or white fabric) to reflect (reflect) lightsun. 

4. Protection of Mikrometeoroid 
    Apparel space has many layers of fabric such as Kevlar Dacson or that are resistant to hard objects. The layers prevent the clothes torn from outer space objects.

Space is a place very much at odds with the earth. If you do not wear outer space and set foot out of the space shuttle. such as the International Space Station (International Space Station) or the world who have little or no atmosphere, like the Moon or Mars, then the result like this is going to happen. 

  • Within 15 seconds you will not unconscious because there is no oxygen in place 
  • Blood and fluids in the body will boil, then freeze because there is little or no air pressure. 
  • Body tissues (skin, liver, and other internal organs) would expand by body fluids to boil. 
  •  You will mengghadapi opposite temperature changes.
    • -Areas exposed to sunlight: 248 F (120 C)
    •  Shadow region: -148 F (-100 C) 
  • You will be exposed to various kinds of radiation, such as cosmic rays and charged particles emitted from the sun (solar wind) 
  • You will be hit by small particles such as dust and rocks that move with high velocity (mikrometeoroid) or Yeng debris orbiting space objects like satellites / spacecraft. 
The human body can only withstand the vacuum within a few seconds. So, like in the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey when Dave came out of a vacuum chamber catapult into the air and slid into the space station, it might just happen. However, the above incident lasted only a few seconds. Beyond that the situation will deteriorate rapidly.

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