2. How I wish someone fired a gun while on board the aircraft?

The film that tells a lot about the terrorists or hijackers flew planes. They control the aircraft and fired blindly. Even in the movie Air Force One, People of the president fired a rifle to fight the terrorists, and the terrorists behind the shooting. Could the plane would explode or air pressure down after bullets penetrated the walls of an airplane? 
There are four things that might happen if someone shot the plane. 

  • The bullet hole in the wall plane only. 
  • Bullets on a window and broke the glass window. 
  • The bullet penetrated cables hidden in walls or floor of the plane. 
  • Penetrating bullet aircraft fuel tank. 

If bullets penetrated the walls of the plane will not cause problems. Aircraft cabin pressure and had been given a bullet hole was only caused a small leak and pressure system will replace the lost pressure. One hole or even a few holes would not be affected. 
If the bullet broke the window glass plane, the situation will become serious problems.When the window broke, the plane will lose pressure in a few seconds. because all the air in the cockpit to flow out through the broken window glass, many small items will go out through the broken window glass. If someone sitting near the window was not immediately close it, chances are he will be sucked out. This situation makes no logical reason why the passenger aircraft required to use seat belts. 
At the same time, the loss of cabin pressure caused problems for every passenger who was inside the plane. For example, commercial aircraft flying at an altitude of 30,000 feet, which is flying over a little higher than the peak of Mount Everest. The air at this altitude is very thin so that someone will be fully unconscious. that is why oxygen masks inside the plane will fall from the roof panel plane. If you deal with these situations, get to wear a mask. In the meantime, you should still think clearly. 
If the bullet on the cable (or worse if the bullet on something important like a cockpit instrument panel) can cause problems from an insignificant (cessation of entertainment) to severe. Damage depends on what subject and how important. 
Finally, when the bullets penetrated the tank, at least it will not cause leaks and the potential to explode. Save a lot of commercial jet fuel in the wings, but many aircraft store fuel in the tank in the fuselage. For example, the Boeing 747 store thousands of gallons of fuel in the fuselage. 
From the description above, you can find a rifle fired at while flying in aircraft is very dangerous. 

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